Friday, February 20, 2009

Eventful Day

My mother got out of the hospital yesterday. My sister Laverna, who is a hospice nurse, had went to Wyoming to stay with Mom the first week that Mom is home. We were uncertain that Mom was really ready to go home, but Laverna says Mom was doing well there. Mom will have therapy at home five days a week, home health care coming in, meals on wheels, etc.. Though she has a “lifeline”, we still feel it is best that Mom not be alone for a few weeks, so I will probably be going to Wyoming for another week and work from Mom’s house.

Also, my beloved hubby made it home yesterday. Twelve days is a long time to be separate! His left hand is healing, though he can not use his left hand for a lot of activities. He broke his ring finger and sprained the other three fingers on that hand. He can’t drive his car as it is a manual, and if it snows, he can’t shovel snow! Sigh!

I had thought spring was here as on Tuesday it was 40 degrees. Within 36 hours, it had dropped 56 degrees, counting windchill (-16). I love living in MN except it seems like February will never end.

And to make yesterday even more special, my dear friend from my teens, Jeanne Eck, stopped by last evening. Jeanne and five of her children, who live in Kansas, were going to Wisconsin for a winter weekend. We had a great time visiting, and Kristina always immensely enjoys the children. Pictures of her and Alea doing their “monkey” face – and with some of Jeanne’s children.


  1. I love company! Especially when they are from out of state and they come all that way to see you. Glad you had the time to spend with a friend.

  2. I am so glad that your mother is doing better. I think about your family all the time. Tell Chris that we are continuing to pray for his hand. It sure has been good to find your blog so I can keep up with some of the happenings in your life.