Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter - My Idea of a Perfect Day

Easter 2009 was my ideal perfect day!

We attended a lively church service for Easter. Then Chris, Kristina and I took a leisurely drive down the scenic route following the Mississippi River for about an hour. We stopped at Red Wing, MN (yes, this is where Red Wing shoes are made) for a delightful Easter brunch, and on the way back, we crossed the river and came back via the Wisconsin side for awhile. Beautiful, beautiful area, and it was made more enjoyable that tourist season hasn't hit yet so traffic was light.

I love this leisurely Sunday drives. When Kristina is on her own, Chris and I will probably do it on a motorcycle, but for now, we make it a family excursion. We make sure that we stop at a local restaurant, usually a hole in the wall in a small town to get a flavor of the area.

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  1. Your Sunday drive sounds relaxing. We took a few country drives over this past month. I love driving through the country and farmland of Ohio.